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  • InFortis

    UPD. Now we are using our achievements for creating AI technology. More information on our web-site www.cybermind.technology

    Having a fossil bone a paleontologist can reconstruct a dino anatomy.

    Having a finger image an artist can draw a hand.

    Having a few clicks made by a user in the Internet we can see his soul.

    InFortis is the first personalized application developing company using human mental modelling technology.

    We know people as well as their psychoanalysts do.

    Perfect match.
    Ideal product.
    Interesting articles.

    Our goal is to make the Internet comfortable for a user. So that he could have his personal space and be able to find a reliable assistant for need satisfaction.

    We want services to find their clients easily and consumers to get the only things they are in need of.

    We want to make the Internet a place we shall be happy in.