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  • InFortis Analytics

    We have developed a web analytics tool for bloggers providing information about their audience.

    Our solution delivers unique data about blog visitors – their demographic characteristics, their needs and desires. It is a border light which you can focus on a dim auditorium to see your subscribers faces and emotions they express.

    Bloggers get an opportunity to control reader engagement by predicting their reactions and proposing the content they are sensitive to as well as to choose effective advertising actions and monitor results over time.

    It became possible due to involvement of psychological characteristics. Unlike other analytics that show what is going on our solution answers why it happens. Our approach not only registers but also explains behavior of users.


    This product is based on human mental modelling technology analyzing users’ activity in the Internet including reading blog posts.

    Any content contains some ideas and meanings and user’s choice of what to read is stipulated by his personal traits. It enables us to see personae through the prism of reading preferences.

    How it works

    A widget installed on a blog or a website registers users’ activity (pages they visit correlate texts they read). Our system carries out semantic analysis and then our algorithms use these data to form mental models for users whose activity has been processed.

    As a result the system provides a client for psychological portraits of reader groups of the blog mentioning group distribution for each characteristic.

    To find information how psychological portraits of users can be used in advertising, please, visit InFortis Marketing.

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