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    We provide game designers for a tooling to control gamers’ mental processes during their gaming activity.


    It permits a game designer to work with his audience with a clear mind. While making the process of interaction between a user and a game transparent, at the same time we offer an opportunity to plan game changes in the context of the most effective performance (gamers’ immersion, profit, attraction of new users).

    What we offer

    1. Analysis of a group of gamers organized by a set criterion (e.g. such a criterion could be a specific gaming behavior or demographic profile – students, engineering experts, women, etc.). Our analytics includes:

    - social and psychological characteristics of the given group;
    - actual needs;
    - gaming drives that increase or decrease immersion;
    - level of satisfaction from gaming activity;
    - payment probability and gaming drives that could trigger it;
    - prediction of what drives could relieve actual and unsatisfied needs of the given group;
    - basic scenarios realized in the game;
    - proportion of the group within total audience.

    2. Prediction of results of an influence before it applied to the game – modelling reaction of a gamer or a group of gamers to any scheduled change, e.g. new quest or game rule modification.

    3. Development of the most successful effect on a gamer or a group of gamers aimed to increase immersion and/or profit.


    Our solution is based on human mental modelling developed by the group of psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. This unique approach enables us to model personal mental structures for every user by means of processing his gaming behaviour.

    Therefore we DO NOT need additional information about a user but for his gaming activity, nor any statistics about a group of gamers – our main reporting unit is a user’s personality.

    Standard Report

    Human Needs in PC Games