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  • About InFortis

    We are InFortis.

    We have been working together for 5 years.
    Initial team personnel was a group of practicing psychologists and psychoanalysts. We gathered to develop a new approach in mental therapy and counseling that would be much more effective than the existing approaches.

    As a result of our team-work (since 2008 and up to now) we worked out a new point of view upon organization and functioning of human mental structure – a construct mental model.

    In 2010 a businessman – experienced in innovative technology implementation – joined our team. He considered an opportunity and promising outlook to apply our research and development for personalization of digital information in the Internet.

    It took almost a year to complete adaptation – transformation of scientific knowledge into algorithms that could be realized in a software solution. As a result, our technology got into shape it has nowadays.

    At the moment we are designing several projects in fields where personalization technology will provide the best results.

    Our mentors

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