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    Our technology is based on the construct model of the human psyche, developed by our psychologists.

    Any content represents the projection processes, ideas, archetypes in the human psyche. Human interaction with the content reveals the individual structures in the psyche of a person (or in the psyche of the group). Knowledge of these structures allows us to understand the needs of the user and the ways in which he is able to and wants to implement them, namely his desires.

    Because of this, we can predict a person’s choice with high efficiency – we will know what articles he would be interested in, what characteristics his partner should have for a good cooperation, what goods he would buy and in what form advertising must be presented to him.

    We have worked for over five years to create the construct model of the human psyche – various qualified experts in the field of psychology, practicing psychotherapists, individual and group analysts have partaken in its development . The construct model has been based on a powerful theoretical basis.



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