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    What we do

    We target users by their needs.

    Our client receives a group or groups of users united by the same actual need. There is a set of goods or services to satisfy any need. That permits an advertising agent to address messages to a group of consumers who are implicitly interested in an advertising offer.

    We can realize goods targeting for those clients who would like us to analyze the goods satisfying a need of the given group. In this case our client receives a group of users ready to purchase a certain product.

    What we need

    We do this by means of a user mental modelling based on analysis of either a user activity in the web (visiting web pages and clicking links) or a user’s social network account (Facebook).

    What’s new?

    Our approach shows higher efficiency than others because upon analyzing a user’s personality we recognize criteria that user involves while making a choice.

    For example, a user who buys a new smartphone year by year can do it because of the following two reasons (choice criteria):

    1. A man with technological mindset in such a way satisfies his informational need through testing a brand-new gadget.

    2. A status-concerned man in this way maintains his prestige by acquiring up-to-date gadgets.

    Such targeting is more effective than the behavioral one – both users get into the group “people periodically buying smartphones” but they should be treated in different ways.

    The first user is sensitive to an advertisement (banner/text) that will focus on innovation of the given smartphone, availability of new options and technical features. The second one is sensitive to the declared statusness of the gadget, positioning it as elite must-have, and news that some celebrities acquired it.

    Such criteria enable to predict other goods these two users would pay attention to, for example, you can offer a Swiss watch to that status-concerned man whilst another one should be proposed an iWatch.

    Other targeting

    Targeting by gender, age and behavioral targeting can be realized with usage of human mental modelling technology as well. It enables us to achieve maximal results on the present day market. According to testing carried out by www.bigmir.net accuracy in targeting by gender made up 92%. That results were achieved without any user social network data!

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