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    We offer additional criterion for ranking search results to information search services. It is a matching index between a content unit and socio-psychological portrait of a user.

    This criterion can be naturally embedded into existing algorithms calculating search result relevancy for a user request. Such matching indices are expressed as a coefficient that can be added into a formula.

    What’s new?

    We find this solution challenging as far as not only an object of interest (request topic) but also users’ individual aspects of content consumption, their values and preferences make the ultimate influence while they are choosing. For example, an advertisement of the same product can call upon status, and progressiveness, and comfort – it is up to what audience this advertisement is targeted.

    Each person is attuned to a specific informational form, specific style – scientific, enthusiastic, comic, etc. Some additional ideas but for the main concepts in the text do matter as well. They can resonate with user’s values and outlook.

    How it works

    We operate psychological and social characteristics to determine a matching index between some content and the given user. These characteristics stipulate preferences as for information consumption – intelligence, extraversion/introversion, aggressiveness, emotionality, empathy, humanitarian or technologic mindset, guides for leader selection, etc.

    Our approach suggests that the specific “psychological” index is assigned to every web page.

    Processing a user activity in the web enables to form a user’s profile based on the above-mentioned indices (detailed description how it is realized InFortis News).

    Upon further search requesting – each web page in the list formed by the search service is analyzed in terms of matching between assigned indices and user’s profile. Then each web page is assigned with some matching index. These indices are used to calculate relevancy of the web pages from the list.


    We carried out an experiment together with one of the major search services. At the moment we are waiting for the results from our Partner.

    Experiment description.

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