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    Our technology permits to solve a matching task taking into account real expectations of users – relations, friendship, sex, education, travel, etc.


    Human mental modelling approach we developed manages to determine personal scenarios of need satisfaction that involve interaction with other people.

    Our system takes into account human needs and habitual patterns of their satisfaction, relation patterns formed by parents, personal characteristics, values and outlook – all those factors that stipulate an image of a perfect match.

    How it works

    Such approach increase efficiency of matching as much as times comparing to other solutions.
    A man hardly ever realizes what he needs so his request “find a friend” is formal. One man looks for a friend who needs care and advices, another one seeks an authority to learn something, etc. And alternative does not seem attractive.

    Yet hardly ever a man realizes what authority is. And in this case personal characteristics that should be ticked are useless. Authority criteria a companion should comply with differ among people. Our system manages to operate these nuances due to mental modelling.


    This solution can be realized as an application for a social network or a search system or it could be a standalone dating service.

    What we need

    A user mental model is based on his activity in the Internet. Our system uses:

    1. Demographic characteristics and interests a user mentions in his profile on a dating website; and social network data if a user connects his profile to a social network account. This information is enough for our system to serve dating tasks.

    2. A user’ s reading activity is not obligatory but if there is any (e.g. a dating service has some informational sections or it collaborates with any publishing website) then such data enable to increase accuracy of matching recommendation and to shorten mental modelling time. This activity can be used as a separate channel to acquire information about users if their profiles are poor.

    3. Testing – an inadequate method to get information. It can be used in addition if a user wants to increase matching accuracy.

    Therefore our approach can be realized within any dating service without making users do any additional actions or provide information but for that one they mention deliberately.